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What are the requirements for water quality of chiller 100kw?

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What are the requirements for water quality of chiller 100kw?

(1) PH

Any water with too high alkalinity or acidity can not meet the use requirements of LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers, and even lead to irreparable corrosive failure after long-term operation of refrigeration units. Therefore, when using refrigeration units, it is necessary to use qualified chilled water to avoid a large number of equipment failures.

(2) Soft hardness

If the water quality is hard, it will affect the operation of the refrigeration unit. Especially in the state of high efficiency operation, it is easy to cause various scale problems inside the refrigeration unit. When scale accumulates to a certain extent, it will affect the normal use of refrigeration units by enterprises.

(3) Water flow

If the water flow is too high or too low, the operation efficiency of the equipment will be restricted, and even the cooling performance of the refrigeration unit will be reduced. It can continuously increase the water flow within the reasonable range, and can increase the operation of the refrigeration unit.

1. How many kinds of refrigerators are there?

There are three types of water chillers, namely, air-cooled water chillers, water chillers and evaporative water chillers. In addition, each has further subtypes.

2. Daily maintenance of refrigerator.

① The surface of the unit is clean.

② Check whether the action of the energy regulating mechanism is flexible during the operation of the unit (ie loading, unloading solenoid valve, slide valve mechanism).

③ Check whether the three-phase voltage of the power supply is normal at 380v.

④ Check whether the oil heater works normally when it is powered on (the oil temperature shall be guaranteed at 25~30 ℃ in standby).

⑤ Check whether there is water and oil leakage in all parts of the body.

⑥ Check whether the temperature control probe is normal.

⑦ Check whether the parameters in the unit operation are within the standard value (see the instructions of the main engine for specific parameters).

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