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Is the price of 1 ton water chiller price the same?

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Is the price of 1 ton water chiller price the same?

The price of the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers is different with different specifications and models. You need to know whether its performance, parameters, and whether it is suitable for you, such as whether it can be built in or used alone. The water chiller is small, and it can be built in or used alone outside. You can also provide strict refrigeration solutions.


What should we pay attention to when installing the power supply of the 1.1 ton water chiller?

1. If the low-temperature refrigerator of the small reactor is installed/disassembled under the power-on state, it may cause electric shock or wrong operation of the equipment, and serious damage to the equipment;

2. Before installing and disassembling the electrical equipment of the low-temperature refrigerator of the small reactor, please ensure that the power supply of the equipment has been cut off. For the configuration of the power line, please refer to the larger input power in the technical parameter table and select the appropriate wiring.

3. The power supply protector is installed in the electrical cabinet of three-phase electrical equipment, which will protect the power supply from undervoltage, overvoltage, phase loss and phase dislocation.


4. When the phase sequence protector reports an error (red light/off), it is strictly prohibited to short circuit the phase sequence to force the startup, otherwise the equipment will be damaged。

5. When correcting the phase sequence of the commutation line, it is forbidden to adjust the internal phase line of the equipment. Please adjust the incoming line end of the main leakage switch or the phase line connected to the power supply side. Otherwise, the pump or compressor of the equipment will reverse and the equipment will be damaged.

What should I pay attention to when connecting the pipeline of the 2.1 ton water chiller?

1. If improper/damaged hoses and/or hose joints are used, injuries will be caused. When configuring pipelines by yourself, carefully refer to the pressure bearing and overpressure capacity, caliber, and temperature range of the small reactor cryocooler.


2. For the lift pressure of the internal circulating pump of the low-temperature refrigerator of the small reactor, the seamless steel pipe and other pipes with good quality and sufficient caliber should be selected as far as possible.

3. The pipeline connection between the low-temperature refrigerator of the small reactor and the controlled object should be as short as possible to reduce bending.

4. When the pressure of the circulating pipeline is too high and the pressure of the pipeline is not enough, the pipeline and reactor will crack, and the high temperature and low temperature heat conduction medium will spray out, which will cause the possibility of personal injury, scald, frostbite and ignition of flammable substances; It reflects the possibility of pollution, property loss and even personnel poisoning caused by logistics loss.

5. The pipeline connection should be sealed and firm, with shockproof, grounding, rust-proof, pressure-retaining and other measures to effectively prevent cracks and leakage caused by pipeline vibration and corrosion.

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