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What are the process requirements for cleaning scale in chiller for rotary evaporator?

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What are the process requirements for cleaning scale in chiller for rotary evaporator?

1) Pickling temperature: raising the pickling temperature is conducive to improving the descaling effect. If the temperature is too high, it will aggravate the corrosion of the pickling solution to the cooler plate. Through repeated tests, it is found that the pickling temperature should be controlled at 60~E.

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2) Pickling solution concentration: according to repeated tests, the pickling solution should be prepared at the concentration of formic acid 81.0%, water 17.0%, buffer 1.2% and surfactant 0.8%, with excellent cleaning effect.

3) Pickling method and time: Pickling method shall be combined with static immersion and dynamic circulation.

The pickling time is static soaking for 2h, and then dynamic cycling for 3-4 h. During the pickling process, the pickling concentration should be tested frequently. When the concentration difference between the two adjacent assays is less than 0.2%, the pickling reaction can be considered as finished.

4) Passivation treatment: after pickling, most of the scale and metal oxide on the surface of the plate cooler are dissolved and peeled off, exposing new metal, which is highly corrosive. Therefore, after pickling, the cooler plates are passivated.


1. What is the function of SUNDI-320/420W/430W Cooling and Heating Systems?

The superheated steam of the refrigerant with high temperature and pressure discharged from the compressor is cooled into liquid or gas-liquid mixture. The heat released by the refrigerant in the condenser is taken away by the cooling medium (water or air).

2. How to use the rotary evaporator cooler?

How to use the industrial water chiller for a long time? This has to be said about the maintenance. If the best equipment is not maintained, its performance will continue to decline.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the use of the condenser is regularly checked after a six-month cycle. If the condenser of industrial water chiller is used for too long, thick dirt will be stuck on the heat transfer surface of the condenser.

The heat transfer performance of dirt is extremely low, which causes the resistance of refrigerant steam to dissipate heat outward through the heat transfer wall of the condenser, thus increasing the condensation temperature of the refrigerant. Therefore, the condenser of industrial water chiller needs to be maintained regularly to remove dirt.

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