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How to maintain the low cryogenic chiller during shutdown?

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How to maintain the low cryogenic chiller during shutdown?

When the FL +5°C ~ +35°C Water Chillers is stopped, the internal medium shall be drained. In particular, corrosive media should undergo technical treatment such as discharge, replacement and cleaning. Pay attention to prevent corrosive media in the dead corner of the cooler.

Always keep the cooler dry and clean to prevent atmospheric corrosion. The test shows that dry air generally does not cause corrosion to iron alloys such as carbon steel, and the corrosion can only begin when the relative humidity is more than 60% and dust, dirt or old corrosion products exist on the metal surface.

In order to reduce the atmospheric corrosion on the surface of the deactivated cooler, the surface of the cooler should be kept clean, and the dust, ash and other dirt scattered on the surface should be cleaned frequently, and the cooler and the surrounding environment should be kept dry. The long-term moisture effect will not only accelerate the corrosion of the cooler wall, but also make the existing defects in the cooler continue to expand.

The anti-corrosion paint on the external surface of the cooler shall be kept intact. This is particularly important for deactivating the cooler. When the paint is found to fall off or scrape off, it shall be repaired in time.

1. What is the cleaning method of the low-temperature cooler?

The pure dust can be blown out with compressor air, etc. If there is much dirt, the cooling pipe and fin should be cleaned with non-corrosive detergent to improve the cooling effect.

For water-cooled condensers, the main problem is to remove scale. The cleaning cycle depends on the water quality. If the water quality is poor, it should be cleaned at least once a year; If the water quality is good, it can be cleaned once every 2-3 years.

Small water-cooled industrial water chillers are equipped with sleeve-type water-cooled condensers, which can be pickled.

2. What is the specific operation method of low-temperature cooler?

Remove the condenser, drain the accumulated water, and then inject 10% dilute sulfuric acid solution into the valve until there is a solution outflow position at the outlet. The dilute sulfuric acid can be discharged after it stays in the condenser for 20~30min.

Repeat this for two or three times, then install the connecting pipe between the cooling water pipe and the condenser, open the cooling water valve for flushing for 10~20min, and the anti-scaling and cleaning work is over.

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