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How to deal with scaling of semiconductor chiller?

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How to deal with scaling of semiconductor chiller?

1. Replace the FL +5°C ~ +35°C Water Chillers with serious scaling in time to ensure the normal operation of production.

2. Clean the cooler with serious scaling. The cooling water channel is the one with serious scaling in the cooler, and the scaling in the lean oil channel is relatively small, so it is important to clean the scale in the cooling water channel.

Flushing: Before pickling, the heat exchanger shall be flushed in an open manner to make sure that there is no mud, scale and other impurities inside the heat exchanger, which can not only improve the effect of pickling, but also reduce the acid consumption of pickling. Pour the cleaning fluid into the cleaning equipment, and then inject it into the heat exchanger.

Acid cleaning: soak the heat exchanger filled with acid solution statically for 2h, and then conduct continuous dynamic circulation for 3~4h, during which the positive and negative cleaning shall be carried out alternately every 0.5h. After pickling, if the pH value of acid solution is greater than 2, the acid solution can be reused.

Alkali cleaning: after acid cleaning, prepare NaOH, Na2CO3, Na3PO4 and softened water in a certain proportion, and use dynamic circulation to conduct alkali cleaning on the heat exchanger to achieve acid-base neutralization, so that the heat exchanger plate will not be corroded.

Water washing: after alkali washing, wash the heat exchanger repeatedly with clean softened water for 0.5h to thoroughly wash the residue in the heat exchanger.

Record: During the cleaning process, the time of each step shall be strictly recorded to check the cleaning effect. After cleaning, the heat exchanger can only be used after passing the pressure test.

3. Strengthen the use and management of cooler

Before operation, the residual air in the equipment shall be drained to avoid affecting the heat exchange effect.

Overtemperature and overpressure operation are strictly prohibited. In case of one of the following conditions, the operation shall be stopped immediately: the pressure and temperature exceed the design value; Cracks, blisters, deformation, leakage or other abnormal phenomena occur in the weld; Failure of safety accessories; Accidents happen around, affecting the safety.

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