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Water Cooling Data Center

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Water Cooling Data Center


Data centers are key facilities for storing and processing large amounts of data, and water cooling systems are an important part of data centers. This article will explain how data center water cooling works and what it does in a data center.

Working principle of water cooling data center

The working principle of the data center water cooling system is based on heat exchange and refrigeration cycle. Below is a brief description of how it works.

Cooling water circulation: The data center water cooling system reduces the temperature of the computer room through cooling water circulation. The cooling water is drawn from the cooling tower, and the heat is taken away by the fans and pumps of the cooling tower, and then circulated back to the machine room.

Air circulation: After the cooling water cools down through the cooling tower, it will exchange heat with the air in the machine room through the water-cooled plate or water-cooled unit. The cooling water absorbs the heat in the machine room to reduce the temperature in the machine room.

Refrigeration cycle: The refrigeration cycle in the water cooling system of the data center is realized by refrigerant. Refrigerant undergoes processes such as compression, cooling, expansion, and base generation in the refrigeration cycle, thereby realizing heat transfer and cooling.


water cooling data center

Functions of water cooling data center

The data center water cooling system plays the following important roles in the data center:

Cooling: Servers and equipment in a data center generate a lot of heat, and if not cooled down in time, the equipment may overheat and be damaged. The water cooling system can effectively reduce the temperature of the machine room and maintain the normal operation of the equipment through circulating cooling water and heat exchange.

Energy saving: Compared with the traditional air cooling system, the water cooling system has higher energy efficiency. By utilizing the heat capacity and heat conduction performance of the cooling water, the temperature of the equipment room can be lowered more effectively and energy consumption can be reduced.

High space utilization: The water cooling system can exchange heat with the air in the machine room through the water cooling plate or water cooling unit, which reduces the space required for the air cooling system and improves the space utilization of the machine room.

Environmentally friendly: the cooling water used by the water cooling system can be recycled, reducing the consumption of natural resources. At the same time, the energy efficiency of the water cooling system is higher, which reduces the demand for electricity and reduces the impact on the environment.

To sum up, the water cooling system of the data center realizes the reduction of the temperature of the computer room and the protection of the equipment through the cooling water cycle and the refrigeration cycle. It plays an important role in cooling, saving energy, improving space utilization and being environmentally friendly in the data center.


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