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Data Center Chillers

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Data Center Chillers


Nowadays, with the rapid development of the Internet, the number and scale of data centers have increased sharply, and the demand for cooling capacity has also increased. Especially in the context of the dual-carbon policy, energy consumption is currently a major problem.

In order to reduce energy consumption, data centers naturally need to take cooling measures. Cooling towers and plate replacement cooling solutions, and frequency conversion and magnetic levitation chillers will become the first choice for medium and large data centers in the future due to their high cooling efficiency and low energy consumption.

Modular chillers are beneficial for institutional units, building modular data center sites. Planning or considering the use of modular data center construction is also becoming a trend in computer rooms.

Data center refrigeration engineering structure and principle:


refrigeration principle of data center


The main refrigeration equipment includes: chillers, plate heat exchangers, chilled water pumps, cooling water pumps, cooling towers, water treatment equipment, water supply equipment, water replenishment devices, terminal air conditioners, pipes, valves, etc.

The working principle of the chiller:

refrigeration principle of chiller

The high-pressure refrigerant liquid coming out of the condenser enters the evaporator through the expansion valve throttling, and exchanges heat with the terminal to take away the heat of the chilled water; the low-pressure refrigerant evaporated after absorbing heat enters the compressor, and the high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas; Condenser, high-temperature cooling water returns to the cooling tower, liquefies after heat release, enters the expansion valve, and reciprocates.

The main features of data center chillers are:

1. Ergonomic panel, fully automatic control, equipped with precision electric temperature controller, can run smoothly for a long time;

2. The high-efficiency heat transfer heat exchanger is adopted, which has the advantages of less cooling loss, easy oil return, and no frost cracking of the heat transfer tube;

3. The international imported high-performance compressor is adopted, with high EER value, low noise and stable operation. As the cooling power of the data center unit, it plays a greater role.

Maintenance of data center chillers:

1. Routine operation and maintenance: The maintenance parts include pressure inspection and flow inspection of the water supply and return pipelines, whether the operating parameters of the air conditioner display are in line with the settings, and the accuracy test of the sensor. The abnormal operating parameters of the unit can be found in time to improve the life of the equipment.

2. The oil system of the unit; the oil quality and the oil filter are inspected, and if they are unqualified, they will be replaced. The selection of accessories needs to be consistent with that of the original factory; the oil is overcharged, and the inspection cycle is every year.

3. Electrical system: including cleaning and dust removal of the distribution box, checking the heat of the thermal imager, tightening the terminals; checking the working status of each electrical component.

4. Water system precautions: including water quality management, regular inspection of water filters can reduce the frequency of pipeline and unit failures.


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