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Immersion Cooling Data Center

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Immersion Cooling Data Center


Fundamentals of Liquid Cooling

In the data center, heating components will continuously generate a large amount of heat. If they cannot be cooled in a timely and effective manner, it will cause problems such as equipment overheating and signal interference. Therefore, in order to ensure the stable operation of the data center, it needs to be effectively cooled.

Air cooling is a common cooling method, but in data centers with high density and high power density, air cooling can no longer meet the requirements, so liquid cooling technology has gradually been widely used.

Liquid cooling technology is a refrigeration method that uses liquid as a refrigerant. The basic principle is to use liquid as a cooling medium, and transfer the heat generated inside the heating element to the outside of the device through the liquid, so that it can be cooled quickly and effectively. Compared with air cooling, liquid cooling has higher cooling efficiency and heat dissipation effect.

At present, liquid cooling technology is mainly divided into cold plate type, immersion type and spray type and other types. Among them, immersion liquid cooling is currently the most widely used type. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption, and small footprint. It is also the main trend of future data center liquid cooling technology development.

immersion cooling data center

Immersion cooling data center

Immersion liquid cooling is an application form of liquid cooling technology. Compared with cold plate and spray liquid cooling, immersion liquid cooling has higher heat dissipation efficiency and lower energy consumption. The basic principle is to immerse the entire server equipment in a special liquid for cooling.

The liquid absorbs heat efficiently and can quickly cool down the server to protect the performance and stability of the device. In addition, this technology does not require an external refrigeration device, which can greatly save refrigeration costs and energy consumption, and has better environmental protection performance.

The future development trend of immersion cooling data center

With the increasing application of artificial intelligence and big data, the heat dissipation problem of data centers will become more and more prominent, and the application prospect of liquid cooling technology will be broader in the future.

Immersion liquid cooling technology will become an important development direction of next-generation data center liquid cooling technology, which will have greater advantages in improving cooling efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

In the future, liquid cooling technology will continue to innovate in terms of energy consumption and computing performance to further meet the cooling needs of application scenarios such as big data and artificial intelligence, and provide better support for the sustainable development of data centers.


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