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Water Chiller For Evaporative Cooler

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Water Chiller For Evaporative Cooler

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Features of water chiller for evaporative cooler:

1. Integrated design: built-in cooling water pump, heat exchanger has been specially treated to prolong the service life of the heat exchanger in the case of frequent contact with cooling water, and is equipped with an imported water system descaling instrument.

2. Small space occupation: the equipment is light and compact, no cooling tower and cooling water pump are required, no cooling water circuit is required for the project, and no additional control box for the cooling system is required.

3. Fast installation: Quick connector for water and electricity, quick installation on site.

4. Energy saving and power saving by 30%: the energy efficiency ratio of the air conditioning unit is greater than 4.5. Under standard working conditions, the energy efficiency ratio of the whole machine is high, saving more than 15% energy than traditional water-cooled chillers, and more than 30% energy saving than ordinary air-cooled chillers, and the energy efficiency ratio exceeds the international first-class energy efficiency standard.

5. Advantages: high anti-corrosion performance, high unit stability; compact structure, reasonable layout; equipped with descaling instrument to prevent fouling; advanced logic control, using fuzzy logic, precise control of load changes, and more stable operation.


water chiller for evaporative cooler


Refrigeration technology solution of water chiller for evaporative cooler:

1.water chiller for evaporative cooler uses water and air as the cooling medium, and uses the evaporation of water to take away the vapor refrigerant. In general, the water temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the water-cooled condenser is 4~6°C. Theoretically, in a water-cooled condenser, 1kg of cooling water can take away 16.72~25.08kJ of heat, while 1kg of water has a latent heat of vaporization of 2418kJ at 35°C under normal pressure, and the heat transfer efficiency is greatly improved. At the same time, it saves the sensible heat transfer stage of the cooling water in the condenser, so that the condensation temperature may be closer to the wet bulb temperature of the air. The condenser is 10~14℃ lower, which greatly reduces the power consumption of the compressor.

2. During operation, the cooling water is pumped to the nozzle on the upper part of the cooling pipe group and sprayed evenly on the outer surface of the cooling pipe to form a thin water film. The high-temperature gas refrigerant enters from the upper part of the cooling pipe group and is The cooling water outside the pipe absorbs heat and turns into a liquid that flows out from the lower part. Part of the water that absorbs heat evaporates into water vapor, and the rest falls into the lower water collecting pan for circulation by the water pump. The fan forces the air to pass through the cooling at a speed of 3m/s. The exhaust pipe promotes the evaporation of the water film, strengthens the heat release outside the cooling pipe, and makes the heat-absorbed water droplets be cooled by the air during the falling process. The evaporated water vapor is discharged by the fan along with the air, and the unevaporated water droplets are blocked by the dehydrator. Return pan.



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