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Industrial Chiller Unit

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Industrial Chiller Unit

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The industrial chiller unit is a common refrigeration equipment. Its basic principle is to circulate, transfer and absorb heat through a reciprocating refrigeration system to achieve the purpose of refrigeration. The following will introduce the concept, working principle, application fields and other related information of the industrial chiller unit in detail.

The concept of industrial chiller unit

Industrial chiller unit is a kind of refrigeration equipment, also known as condensate machine or cooler. Its main function is to transfer heat from one area to another, thereby achieving the purpose of cooling. Chiller is a relatively mature refrigeration equipment, which is widely used in air conditioning, industrial production, medical equipment and other fields.


Industrial Chiller Unit


How the industrial chiller unit works?

The basic components of the industrial chiller unit include four parts: compressor, evaporator, condenser and expansion valve. The first step in the refrigeration cycle is to heat the refrigerant in the evaporator, changing it from liquid to gas and absorbing heat from the surrounding environment. At this time, the compressor starts to work to pressurize the refrigerant to increase its temperature, and the high-temperature and high-pressure gas is compressed into a high-pressure hot gas through the compressor. Then, when the high-pressure hot gas passes through the condenser, the heat contained in it is released through heat transfer, and it is cooled into a high-pressure liquid state. Finally, the high-pressure liquid refrigerant is decompressed to the low-pressure liquid refrigerant through the expansion valve. At this time, its temperature and pressure are both reduced, and it enters the evaporator for recirculation, thus forming a reciprocating refrigeration system.

Application field of industrial chiller unit

Industrial chiller unit is widely used in air conditioning, industrial production, medical equipment and other fields. In the field of air conditioning, chillers are often used in places that require cooling such as large shopping malls and office buildings. In the field of industrial production, chillers are often used in the production process of manufacturing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries to control parameters such as temperature and humidity in the production process. In the field of medical equipment, industrial chiller units are often used in imaging diagnostic equipment, medical refrigerators and other equipment for refrigeration and heat preservation.


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