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Condensor Chiller

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Condensor Chiller

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The type of condenser chiller is mainly related to the cooling medium, which is generally water and air. There are three cooling methods: water cooling, air cooling, and combined water and air cooling. According to the cooling method, the condenser can be divided into three categories, and each category can be divided into various types according to the structure and installation method of the condenser. At present, the commonly used condenser types in chillers mainly introduce the following two types:


Condensor Chiller


1. Air-cooled condenser chiller

In the air-cooled condenser, the heat released by the refrigerant is directly taken away by the air, and the refrigerant condenses in the tube. The material of the heat transfer tube is copper tube, which is composed of coiled tubes. Because the convective heat release coefficient of air is very low, fins are usually added outside the coil to increase the heat transfer area on the air side, and fans are arranged to accelerate the air flow, thereby improving the heat transfer effect. Usually, the air-cooled condenser refers to this kind of forced convection air-cooled condenser equipped with a fan, which is mainly used for air-cooled chillers, especially suitable for water-deficient, dry areas or transport refrigeration units.

2. Water-cooled condenser chiller

In the water-cooled condenser, the heat released by the refrigerant is taken away by the cooling type, the refrigerant condenses outside the tube, and the cooling type flows inside the tube. This cooling water can be recycled or passed through once. If cooling water needs to be recycled, additional cooling water towers or cooling water pools and water pumps are required.

According to different structures and installation methods, water-cooled condensers can be divided into three types: horizontal shell-and-tube type, vertical shell-and-tube type and casing type. For example, our commonly used Freon chiller uses a horizontal shell-and-tube condenser. Its heat transfer tube is a low-ribbed threaded copper tube, the thread pitch is 1.34-1.6mm, the rib height is 1.3-1.5mm, and the ribbing coefficient is 3~4. Vertical shell and tube condensers are mainly used in ammonia system chillers. The outer tube of the casing condenser is a steel pipe, and the inner tube is a low-ribbed threaded tube, which is mainly used in small Freon chillers.



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