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Vacuum Pump System Chiller

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Vacuum Pump System Chiller


Vacuum equipment is widely used in industry, because the working process of vacuum equipment will generate heat, if the heat of the equipment is not removed, it will cause the vacuum pump to work abnormally and seriously cause the vacuum pump to malfunction. Vacuum pumps are basically divided into two types: gas delivery pumps and gas capture pumps according to their working principles. Gas delivery pumps include:

1. Liquid ring vacuum pump (water ring vacuum pump)

2. Empty pump

3. Rotary vane vacuum pump

4. Fixed vane vacuum pump

5. Slide valve vacuum pump

6. Trochoidal vacuum pump

7. Dry screw vacuum pump

8. Roots vacuum pump

9. Molecular vacuum pump

10. Compound vacuum pump

11. Water jet vacuum pump

12. Gas jet pump

13. Steam jet pump

14. Diffusion pumps, etc.

Gas capture pumps include: adsorption pumps, cryogenic pumps.

semiconductor chiller

Features of Vacuum Pump System Chiller:

1. The system is stable and reliable: the core components are selected from internationally renowned brands, with high reliability, low noise, and 24-hour continuous operation design. 2. Advanced control technology: Microcomputer version controller is adopted to realize fully automatic intelligent control, system water temperature, water flow, fault signal alarm can be directly displayed, various precision can be selected from ±0.1℃, ±0.5℃, etc.).

3. The chiller control system adopts an international brand, selects a variety of hardware and software to match, and controls the water temperature accurately in real time. Equipped with a large display screen, the operation is intuitive and simple, and the data records are complete for easy reference.

4. Select international brand-name compressors such as American Copeland and Japanese Panasonic, which have the advantages of stable performance, high efficiency, low noise, energy saving, and convenient maintenance. The unit is designed for 24-hour continuous operation, easy to install and maintain.

5. Multiple protection functions: over-temperature protection, current protection, water flow alarm, water level alarm, pressure alarm, missing item protection, reverse phase protection, motor overload, etc.

6. Accept customer non-standard production, instrument size, flow rate, temperature control accuracy, pressure, etc., optional RS485 (CAN or Ethernet) communication interface and provide communication protocol.

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