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What are the preparations before debugging the recirculating cooler?

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What are the preparations before debugging the recirculating cooler?

(1) Due to the fact that the LX -25°C ~ +30°C Recirculating Chillers belongs to medium to large refrigeration machines, close coordination is required in design, installation, and use during debugging. In order to ensure the orderly progress of debugging work, it is necessary to form a temporary trial operation team with relevant personnel to comprehensively command the progress of debugging work.


(2) The personnel responsible for debugging should be fully familiar with the structure and performance of the unit equipment, familiar with the safety technology of the refrigeration machine, clear about the debugging methods, steps, and technical requirements to be achieved, develop a detailed and specific debugging plan, and make the debugging personnel in each position clear about their own tasks and requirements.

(3) Check whether the installation of the unit meets the technical requirements, whether the foundation of the unit meets the requirements, and whether the size, specification, and material of the connecting pipeline meet the design requirements.


(4) The power supply system of the unit should be fully installed and debugged.

(5) Conduct separate water tests on the cold water and cooling water systems to flush the dirt from the water system. The water pump should work normally and the circulating water volume should meet the requirements of the working conditions.

(6) Clean the debugging environment and site to achieve cleanliness, brightness, and smoothness.

(7) Prepare various general and specialized tools required for debugging.


(8) Prepare various pressure, temperature, flow, quality, time and other measuring instruments and meters required for debugging.

(9) Prepare necessary safety protection equipment for debugging and operation.

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