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Cooling and Heating Integrated Machine for Microchannel Reactor

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Cooling and Heating Integrated Machine for Microchannel Reactor


Relying on the infrastructure, it is integrated into the single-fluid system or secondary circuit used to control the temperature of the equipment. According to the customer’s process temperature setting program, the temperature control accuracy of the material reaches ±0.1°C. The heat exchange system mainly includes a booster pump, a buffer tank, and a circulation pump. and heat exchangers etc.

The main function

(1) Intelligent control: Siemens PLC intelligent controller is adopted, with Chinese display and modular operation interface; it can perform intelligent perception, calculation and adjustment of various parameters of the equipment. It can simultaneously set the temperature of the cold water storage tank, the temperature of the temperature control water tank, set the output flow rate, and monitor the output pressure; it can program the operating temperature operation program; it can store temperature, flow, and pressure curves.

cooling methods of the energy storage system

(2) Rapid cooling and temperature control: This system adopts direct cooling design, the compressor unit can meet the direct cooling in the whole temperature range, and obtain a large cooling capacity, and at the same time maintain a small amount of water in the external circulation water tank during operation. Can precisely control the temperature.

(3) Flow and pressure control: This system uses a controller to control the water supply pressure and flow of the external circulation pump. In the water temperature and flow control at the outlet of the water cooler during operation, the frequency converter uses the flow signal as the control variable to keep the flow stable;

(4) Remote and local control: The system controller has an analog mixed communication interface, and the controller is equipped with a remote and local switch. It can realize remote local control and timely conversion.

(5) Monitoring system: The items that need to be measured in this project mainly include: flow (main pipe of circulating water outlet pipe, side flow filter); temperature (main pipe of circulating water return pipe); pressure (main pipe of circulating water return pipe, each water pump outlet pipe, metering pump outlet pipe, etc.).

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