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Usage of Low Temperature Refrigeration Circulator

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Usage of Low Temperature Refrigeration Circulator


The cooling circulator adopts the principle of mechanical refrigeration with mature technology and stable performance. The temperature control of -120 °C can be achieved through the cascade refrigeration technology. It is a common refrigeration equipment for low-temperature experiments or other equipment in modern laboratories and industries. It is an ideal equipment for various chemical and chemical, biopharmaceutical, physical experiments, medical and health care, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, colleges and research institutes that need to maintain low temperature conditions.

I want to share with you how to use the low temperature refrigeration recirculating chiller:

low temperature cooling circulators

  1. Open the lid of the water tank, and pour the appropriate amount of medium (2 cm below the edge of the bath) according to the constant temperature requirements.
  2. Connect the circulator to the system used in the experiment according to the product manual, and connect the liquid inlet and outlet of the equipment with the liquid inlet and outlet of the experimental instrument correspondingly with insulating hoses. If using the device only for the cooling bath, connect the liquid inlet and outlet of the circulating pump.
  3. Correctly insert the power plug into the independent socket.
  4. When starting up, turn on the safety switch and the power switch, and the meter will display the actual temperature.
  5. Turn on the refrigeration switch. After a three-minute delay, the compressor starts to work. (Double machines work first for the high-temperature machine, and after the high-temperature machine reaches the set temperature of -30°C, delay for three minutes, the low-temperature machine starts to work, and the cooling indicator light is on) .
  6. When the equipment is turned on for cooling, if there is an internal circulation, the switch of the pump and the valve of the internal circulation can be turned on at the same time to ensure uniform temperature distribution (can be interrupted to open). Otherwise, do not turn on the circulation pump.
  7. After the temperature reaches the set temperature, open the switch and valve of the circulating pump, the external cooling device cools down, and the test starts.
  8. After the experiment is over, first turn off the instruments that need to be cooled, turn off the circulating pump switch, refrigeration switch, and power switch in turn, then unplug the safety switch and unplug the power plug.
  9. If the low-temperature cooling circulator is not used for a long time, please release the coolant and rinse it with clean water.

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