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Reasons and Solutions for the Cooling Water of the Chiller not Circulating

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Reasons and Solutions for the Cooling Water of the Chiller not Circulating


Industrial chillers are widely used in industries such as industrial production and product testing, so the maintenance and maintenance of chillers is a daily thing. The following LNEYA refrigeration manufacturer will introduce the reasons why the cooling water of the chiller cannot be circulated and the solution. Method.

Reasons why the cooling water of industrial chillers cannot be circulated:

1. The water level of the water tank is lower than the water inlet of the pump

Solution: add cooling water to the specified water level in the water tank, check whether the water tank leaks and repair it. ​​

2. The pipeline from the water pump of the chiller to the water outlet is blocked

Solution: Observe whether the cooling water pump vibrates during operation, whether there is abnormal noise, etc., which affects the water flow. It is recommended to repair or replace the water pump. ​​

3, accessories or line failure

Solution: Check whether there is output voltage at the output end of the switching power supply, etc. If the accessories or circuit faults cause the industrial cooling pump to have no power supply or the power supply circuit is disconnected, etc.

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