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Ultra Low Temperature Industrial Bearing Freezer

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Ultra Low Temperature Industrial Bearing Freezer

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What is Ultra Low Temperature Industrial Bearing Freezer?

Ultra Low Temperature Industrial Bearing Freezer is an instrument that uses the refrigeration effect generated by the cryogenic box to cold-process some metal materials and even non-metal materials, thereby improving their mechanical properties such as strength, hardness, wear resistance and dimensional stability. Ultra Low Temperature Industrial Bearing Freezer can transform austenite into stable martensite. It is usually used in parts with high dimensional accuracy requirements. Currently, it is mainly used in measuring tools, bearings, profiling masters and other fields.


Ultra Low Temperature Industrial Bearing Freezer


Why can Ultra Low Temperature Industrial Bearing Freezer be used for cryogenic treatment of metal materials?

Metallic materials will become cold and brittle at low temperatures. Except for FCC metals, the yield strength of other metals increases sharply as the temperature decreases. When the test temperature is lower than a certain temperature TK, the material changes from a ductile state to a brittle state, the impact value or area shrinkage drops sharply, the fracture characteristics change from fibrous to crystalline, and the fracture mechanism changes from micropore aggregation to transgranularity. Cleavage type. Therefore, TK is defined as the ductile-brittle transition temperature or low-temperature transition temperature, and this phenomenon is called low-temperature brittleness. The physical nature of low-temperature brittleness: the yield strength of a material increases sharply as the temperature decreases. Impact toughness is a measure of a material’s ability to resist impact and is determined through impact testing.


Ultra Low Temperature Industrial Bearing Freezer


What effects can Ultra Low Temperature Industrial Bearing Freezer achieve?

1. Almost all the retained austenite is transformed into martensite, and the hardness of the mold is improved;

2. Improved wear resistance;

3. Residual stress is significantly reduced;

4. Improve the processing performance of wire cutting, with good accuracy and stability, reduced vertical deviation of rough cutting hole diameter, and no line pinching when cutting large or thin parts;

5. Linear changes in mold dimensions caused by room temperature changes can be reduced compared with conventional processing, which is beneficial to maintaining high-precision dimensions of the mold;

6. The life of the punching notch is significantly improved, which can significantly reduce the cost of using the mold.

Ultra Low Temperature Industrial Bearing Freezer uses cryogenic treatment technology to extend the service life of molds and increase the economic benefits of enterprises. Cryogenic treatment of low-temperature cold assembly boxes has wide application prospects in aerospace, engineering machinery, roads and bridges, semiconductors, electrical appliances, computers and other fields.



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