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Bearing Cooling System

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Bearing Cooling System

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Bearing cooling system is a key technology for quality control in the machinery industry. It uses the ultra-low temperature cooling of bearing parts and industrial refrigerators to achieve uniform and stable bearings or parts, improved toughness, and improved wear resistance. The bearing parts industrial refrigerator is an ultra-low temperature industrial freezer that uses a compressor refrigeration system to output a low temperature environment of -60°C ~ -150°C, and cools the bearing parts in the box environment.


Bearing Cooling System


The bearing cooling system adopts multi-compressor refrigeration technology. It can obtain deep and low temperature temperatures of -60℃, -90℃, -120℃, -160℃, etc. It is controlled by PLC microcomputer and has a control accuracy of 0.1℃. The volume is 200L~4000L series and the load-bearing capacity is 500KG/㎡~1000KG/㎡ is optional according to the requirements. The thickness of the box insulation layer is more than 130mm, which has a good constant temperature effect. The box door has a top-opening and side-opening design. Cold treatment of bearing parts Industrial refrigerators can perform annealing of bearing parts, martensite quenching and tempering of bearing parts, cold treatment of bearing parts and other processes, which can improve the hardness, toughness, wear resistance, impact resistance, fatigue resistance and other effects of bearing parts. At the same time, it also provides stability and improves service life.

The bearing cooling system performs bearing assembly and solves the problems of traditional assembly errors and short service life. At present, bearing industrial refrigerators are widely used in track bearings, automobile bearings, compressor bearings, water pump bearings, electrical appliance bearings, metallurgical mining machinery shafts, petrochemical machinery shafts, motor bearings, machine tool bearings, engineering machinery bearings, aerospace bearings, and precision CNC machine tools. Bearings, precision thin-walled bearings for industrial robots, etc. are assembled and used.



We provide complete temperature control systems design and manufacturing. From standard models to complete customized products up to 900 tons. We specialize in customer service and are dedicated to helping each customer have the optimal temperature control system for their specific need.

We provide non-standard customized solutions. Both single cooling chillers and cooling & heating combo units are available.


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