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The Structure of Industrial Chiller

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The Structure of Industrial Chiller


The structure of industrial chillers is relatively complicated. If you are not a professional, it is difficult to have a comprehensive understanding of its structure. It is operated by the interaction of the three systems: the refrigerant circulation system, the water circulation system and the electrical automatic control system. . Next, we briefly introduce its structure, so that everyone can have a preliminary understanding of the structure of the device.

1. Refrigeration cycle

When the liquid refrigerant in the evaporator evaporates after absorbing the heat in the water, there will be a temperature difference between the refrigerant and the water. After the liquid refrigerant is fully evaporated into air pressure, it will be sucked and compressed by the compressor. The gaseous refrigerant releases heat after passing through the condenser and becomes liquid again.

After throttling, the expansion valve will lower the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant, and then enter the evaporator to complete refrigeration.

2. Water cycle

The water pump needs to pump the water out of the water tank, and then transport it to the equipment that needs to be cooled, so that the cooling water will take away the heat, the temperature of the cooling water will increase, and then flow into the water again.

3. Electric appliance automatic control

This part is divided into the power supply part and the automatic control part.

Among them, the power part is used to provide power for industrial chillers.

Automatic control mainly plays the role of automatic start-stop and protection of water temperature, including pressure protection, temperature protection, overload protection, relay protection and so on.

In order to better use the industrial chiller and allow it to provide continuous cooling effect, users should master its basic structure.

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