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The Detection Method of the Water Pump of the Low Temperature Chiller

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The Detection Method of the Water Pump of the Low Temperature Chiller


Low temperature chiller is a kind of professional refrigeration equipment widely used in industrial production. In low temperature chiller, the normal operation of water pump is very important to ensure the normal operation of low temperature chiller equipment. It is very important to regularly test the water pump of the low temperature chiller. So, how should the user reasonably evaluate and detect the condition of the low-temperature chiller water pump? Let’s find out.

The condition of the water pump affects the overall operation of the low temperature chiller equipment to a large extent. When the low-temperature chiller is working and the water pump is running, the user should pay attention to check whether the various instruments are working normally and stably, and pay special attention to whether the ammeter exceeds the rated current of the motor. If the current is too large or too small, it should be stopped immediately for inspection.

In addition, the water pump related working system of the low temperature chiller can better reflect the working state of the equipment. For example, check whether the flow of the pump is normal, check the water flow of the outlet pipe, and estimate the running time of the pump according to the change of the water level in the pool. At the same time, it is also necessary to check whether the water pump packing pressure plate is hot and whether the dripping water is normal.

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