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Repair and Maintenance of Low Temperature Chillers

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Repair and Maintenance of Low Temperature Chillers


Low temperature chiller is a kind of industrial refrigeration equipment. Refrigeration production in many industries has low temperature requirements, and ordinary chillers cannot meet your refrigeration requirements. Therefore, low-temperature chillers are needed. Our equipment can provide -60°C low-temperature refrigeration, and even -150°C ultra-low temperature refrigeration chillers. The low-temperature chiller has a high working intensity, and users need to do maintenance work during the use process to avoid equipment failure and ensure normal operation. The following LNEYA chiller manufacturers will introduce the maintenance and maintenance of low temperature chillers for you.

1. Maintenance and inspection of low temperature chillers:

The low temperature chiller needs troubleshooting and equipment maintenance work before use. First of all, you need to check whether the power switch is normal and whether the safety condition of the fuse is good. Whether the connection of other parts of the chiller is normal, the user must ensure that everything is normal before starting to run. After the end of the use of the chiller, the equipment should also be inspected to check whether there is any fault caused by the operation of the equipment, and deal with it in time.

In addition, after the low-temperature chiller has been used for a long time, it is necessary to regularly check the use of the copper pipes of the heater, the chiller oil, the oil filter element, the drying filter and other components. If it is damaged, it should be replaced in time.

2. Maintenance work of low temperature chiller:

No matter what type of chiller, cleaning and maintenance are the most important tasks. The low-temperature chiller should be cleaned regularly, at least once a month, and do not allow the chiller to accumulate too much dirt, which will affect the normal working efficiency of the equipment.

When the low temperature chiller is not used for a long time, all parts of the equipment should be cleaned. For example, important parts such as condensers and compressors need to be cleaned, as well as the cleaning of pipes and filter surfaces. After all cleaning and maintenance are completed, the chiller can be packaged to prevent dust and other debris from entering the chiller.

Doing a good job in the maintenance of the low-temperature chiller can effectively extend the service life of the equipment, keep the chiller operating efficiently during operation, improve production efficiency, and bring more benefits to the enterprise.

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