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How to Adjust the Condenser Pressure of the Chiller?

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How to Adjust the Condenser Pressure of the Chiller?


During the operation of the low temperature chiller, the change of temperature will cause the change of condensing pressure. Especially in summer, the high condensing pressure will lead to the continuous increase of the power consumption of the compressor, resulting in a gradual decrease in the cooling capacity, which indirectly makes the cooling effect of the chiller worse, so it is necessary to appropriately reduce the condensing pressure.

The chiller can control the pressure of the condenser by adjusting the heat exchange capacity of the condenser. When the heat exchange of the condenser increases, the gas discharged from the compressor (scroll/piston) is fully condensed, and the condensing pressure gradually decreases, weakening the heat exchange performance of the condenser, and the condensing pressure continues to rise.

Install a regulating valve on the condenser cooling water outlet pipe. There are two modes for the water volume control valve: one is a temperature type water volume control valve that uses the temperature at the outlet of the condenser cooling water. It has a temperature sensor that is inserted into the condensate outlet. When the water temperature rises, the valve opens large, and when the water temperature decreases, the valve closes small. The other is to use the pressure-type water volume regulating valve of the condensation pressure to draw the pressure signal from the condenser. When the condensing pressure gradually increases, the valve opens large, and when the condensing pressure decreases, the valve closes small, thereby changing the cooling water flow of the condenser.

There is also a special case: the water-cooled condenser adopts its own cooling tower cooling water circulation system. In order to prevent the condensation pressure from being too low, it can be adjusted by the water bypass valve, which makes part of the water from the condenser sent to the cooling tower for cooling, and the other part is sent to the cooling tower for cooling. Then return to the bypass return inlet.

For large chiller units, if multiple cooling water pumps are used in parallel to supply water to the water condenser, the number of pumps operating can also be changed according to the constant change of condensing pressure to adjust the cooling water flow.

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