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Temperature Control in the Battery Materials Industry

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In the field of battery material processing, iron phosphate is a frequently used raw material. As the quality requirements of new energy power battery cathode materials are getting higher and higher, the production requirements for cathode materials have become more stringent. In the high-performance lithium iron phosphate production process, the requirements for crushing and grinding particles of materials are relatively high. Raw materials with less impurities, high purity and fine particle size will be more popular in the industry market.

In the process of preparing lithium iron phosphate, the materials and slurry need to be processed through various processes such as drying, grinding, dispersion, and ultra-fine grinding, and finally the finished product is produced and shipped according to the process requirements. Various temperature control links are involved in the middle, such as : Rotary kiln temperature, constant temperature control of push plate furnace and temperature adjustment of grinding equipment, etc. Therefore, temperature control is a very important link, which can affect the normal operation of the equipment and the quality of the final product. lneya is a manufacturer specializing in temperature control equipment. It has more than ten years of research and development experience in battery material temperature control. In the future, it will definitely deepen technical cooperation with enterprises in the new energy industry and provide more and more experience for the development of new energy battery technology in China. Industrial refrigeration equipment that matches the industry continues to make efforts to use refrigeration technology to help the development of the new energy battery material industry.

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