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Battery Bench Test Chiller

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The automobile industry is the main industry of the world’s major industrial countries, and it is an important symbol to measure a country’s comprehensive strength and degree of development. With the increasing number of cars in the world, the problems of energy shortage and environmental pollution have become increasingly prominent, and have become two major challenges facing human survival and development. Finding and developing new automotive clean energy will have a profound impact on the global automotive and energy industry structure as well as social and economic development. Hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology are major strategic directions for the world’s energy transition and power transition. Fuel cell vehicles have the advantages of good environmental performance, high conversion efficiency, short refueling time, and long cruising range. They are an important direction for the sustainable development of the automotive industry in the future and an important strategic measure to deal with global energy shortages and environmental pollution. The development of fuel cell vehicles has become an important breakthrough in the transformation and upgrading of the global automotive and energy industries.

ultra low temperature chiller - cryogenic chiller

The stack is one of the core components of the fuel cell system. The performance of the stack is the decisive factor for the performance of the fuel cell system and even the entire vehicle. The stack test bench is a powerful guarantee for testing the performance and quality of the stack. The fuel cell bench test chiller specially designed and manufactured by lneya is a device that provides a low-temperature cold source. According to user settings, it can generate chilled water that meets the process temperature requirements, providing low-temperature and constant temperature guarantee for industrial production experiments.

LNEYA’s industrial refrigeration equipment is also widely used in the new energy material industry. In the upstream industry of new energy raw materials, the mining and processing of material ores, the purification of key raw materials in the midstream industry, the process temperature control of production, and grinding equipment Cooling circulation system matching. In the downstream industry, it is used in multiple scenarios such as the special test box cooling system for new energy electronic components, power battery liquid cooling, and low temperature testing.

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