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How to Choose Cooling & Heating Circulators/Baths?

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Cooling & heating circulators/baths are temperature control equipment that provide cold and heat sources for reactors in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. In order to ensure the success of different chemical reaction processes, it is necessary to choose a suitable cooling & heating circulators/baths.

1. Understand the temperature requirements of the reactor

The reaction temperature is usually determined by the physical and chemical properties of the desired product, as well as the reaction rate and other factors. In some cases, the reaction temperature has to be kept within a very narrow range in order to obtain suitable product properties. Therefore, when selecting cooling & heating circulators/baths, users need to ensure that the equipment can provide the required temperature range and accuracy.

2. Understand heating and cooling methods

Cooling & heating circulators/baths can heat the reactor and keep the temperature within the required temperature range. Traditional heating methods include electric heating wire, heating oil and steam. However, for some reactors, it may be necessary to use refrigeration to bring the temperature down to the desired range. Refrigeration methods generally include liquid cycle refrigeration, refrigeration based on compressors or other methods, and refrigeration methods based on solid-state refrigeration technology. When choosing cooling & heating circulators/baths, please make sure that the selected equipment can provide the required cooling method and refrigerant to ensure the success of the reaction.

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3. Understand the size and material of the reactor

The size and material of the reactor are also important considerations in the selection of cooling & heating circulators/baths. The size of the reactor reflects the reaction volume and heat required in the reactor. The selected equipment must meet the reaction volume requirements to ensure that the temperature can be maintained stably and rapidly during the reaction. The choice of material is also important. Reactors are often made of different materials including glass, stainless steel, plastic and corrosion resistant materials. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, when selecting cooling & heating circulators/baths, factors such as thermal conductivity and heat capacity of the selected material must be considered.

4. Understand the operation of cooling & heating circulators/baths

It is also very important to consider operating and control requirements when selecting equipment. Product handling must be easy so that the temperature can be monitored and adjusted in time during the reaction. At the same time, the controllers of cooling & heating circulators/baths need to be sensitive and reliable to ensure that the equipment can control the temperature accurately.

Selecting appropriate cooling & heating circulators/baths is important for the production process of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. When selecting, refer to the temperature requirements of the reactor, heating and cooling methods, the size and material of the reactor, and the operation and control requirements.

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