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TCU capable of high temperature catalytic reaction, drug synthesis, high pressure polymerization

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TCU temperature control system USES the existing heat (such as steam, cooling water and cryogenic liquid – the “primary”) system infrastructure are integrated into the single fluid system was used to control the temperature of process equipment or in the secondary loop.This achieves only one type of heat transfer liquid can flow into the jacket of the reaction vessel (not directly flow into steam, cooling water or ultra-low temperature liquid).The temperature of the whole reaction process is controlled by operation.

Temperature Range :-45℃~ 250℃(setting the max temp according to the supplier heating or cooling source)
-40℃~135℃(The maximum temperature range can be operated by using glycol water formula.)

ZLF- N:The main cold source/or main heat source is used to regulate the flow of the system through proportional regulation system, and control the heat of the clamping of the reaction tank, and a set of heat exchanger for heating or cooling is controlled or cooled.

ZLF- NS:Besides ZLF- N function,add one set heater used to reduce high temperature

ZLF- NH:Besides ZLF- N function,add electrical heating function

ZLF- NSH:Besides ZLF- N function,add one set heater used to reduce high temp and electrical heating function

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