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Safe Operation Process of Industrial Chiller

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Safe Operation Process of Industrial Chiller


Air-cooled chiller installation precautions:

Please choose a more stable foundation before installing the air-cooled chiller. The surrounding air is unobstructed, the air is pollution-free, and there is less oil pollution. The canopy should be more than 1.5 meters above the machine. If you still find the surrounding air hot during use, install an exhaust fan to keep the air convection. Or use the exhaust pipe to exhaust the hot air to the outside, which will not only increase the service life of the chiller, but also improve the cooling efficiency and reduce the production cost.


The ambient temperature during installation is preferably below 35°C to ensure that the machine is effective.

The power supply, load and grounding parts shall be constructed in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

The first operation must check that the following items are correct:

1. Whether the power supply voltage and number of phases meet the model specifications, please refer to the nameplate.

Note that the power supply of the chiller above 3HP is three-phase, the voltage is 380V-415V,

The 50HZ power phase is RST, the neutral is N, and the ground wire is E.

1. Whether the water supply inlet has been connected to the pipeline, and the water source must not be turned off

2. Fill the tank with water before starting the pump.

3. Please pay attention to whether the pump and fan motors are running in reverse.

If reversed, any two power bit lines must be swapped and closed again.

1. Turn on the water pump switch. At this time, please note that the ball valve at the inlet and outlet of the chilled water must be open.

2. Finally turn on the compressor switch, the compressor and fan will run automatically,

Please check and adjust the desired temperature.

1. When shutting down, please shut down in reverse order.

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Water Chillers

Temperature Control Range: -150°C to +50°C



Dynamic Temperature Control Systems

Temperature Control Range: -120°C to +350°C




Automobile Test Chillers

Temperature Control Range: -40°C to +100°C




Semiconductor Test Chillers

Temperature Control Range: -85°C to +250°C




Industrial Refrigerators

Temperature Control Range: -150°C to -10°C


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