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Analysis of Important Components of Chillers

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Analysis of Important Components of Chillers


Evaporator: Located between the expansion valve and the suction line connected to the compressor, the welded plate or barrel evaporator acts as the central hub at the start of the refrigeration cycle.

Brief introduction: The three main types of evaporators are coil, shell and tube, and brazed plate. Coil evaporators are the ones you see in many home air conditioners where warm air is passed through a coil with refrigerant, causing a liquid to form and flow into the coil. Shell and tube evaporators work by transferring heat between two fluids, one flowing through the tube and the other flowing through the tube and through the shell and tube. Plate evaporators, like the brazed evaporators we use, have rising and falling plates through which a thin liquid film passes to initiate the evaporation process.

The role of the evaporator: its basic role is to absorb heat. At the beginning of the cooling phase, the water or glycol mixture in your process enters the evaporator. The process heat boils the refrigerant fluid, converting it from a low-pressure liquid to a low-pressure gas.

Pro tip: If you have temperature requirements, look for a chiller with a low temperature option. For example, during our engineering process, we size all evaporators and heat exchangers for your specific fluid based on your application.

Compressor: The role of the refrigeration compressor is to compress the low pressure gas from the evaporator, converting it into high pressure gas before entering the condenser.

Brief introduction: There are several different types of compressors, including scroll, screw and semi-hermetic compressors. Compressors are also available in a variety of power options. For example, our industrial chillers have compressors as low as 1/4 horsepower and as high as thousands of horsepower, depending on the customer’s actual application.

The role of the compressor: The compressor in the chiller is used to compress the low pressure gas or steam from the evaporator and convert it into high pressure gas.

Condenser: Located between the compressor and the expansion valve, the condenser of the chiller has two options of air cooling and water cooling, and can be configured as a split arrangement.

The role of the condenser: The chiller condenser is a special heat exchanger, which uses water or air to cool and condense the high temperature and high pressure gas of the compressor into liquid.

Expansion Valve: Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV) A stepper motor that facilitates precise adjustment of valve position for tight superheat control.

Brief introduction: The condenser is located between the compressor and the expansion valve, and can be used for air-cooled and water-cooled assemblies, and can be configured as a split arrangement. Consider your budget, energy efficiency, space, noise and other environmental factors when determining which condenser is best for your needs.

Pro tip: If your industrial process is in a corrosive environment, has limited space, or has poor ventilation and cooling issues, check out a remote condenser system. This option allows you to place the condenser and compressor in different areas.

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