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LNEYA SUNDI Series Chiller Heating and Cooling System

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The chiller heating and cooling system is mainly used in the high-precision temperature control of reactors and the simulation of temperature conditions in material testing. It has a wide temperature range and a strong heating and cooling rate. This series can provide a temperature control range of -120 to +350°C, and it is equipped with a reaction kettle, which is especially suitable for chemical reaction tests with rapid exothermic and endothermic reactions. It is especially suitable for the performance test of new energy vehicle battery packs, with a large flow rate to ensure rapid heat exchange with the external system; self-lubricating magnetic coupling circulation pump, suitable for various test requirements, and can prolong the service life. Equipped with a color touch screen, you can easily complete the operation with your fingertips, and can directly display a variety of parameters, including the performance parameters of the equipment itself and external control parameters.

With the continuous development of modern technology, people’s lifestyles are also constantly changing. In a highly competitive business environment, any small advantage may become one of the keys to a company’s success. And the chiller heating and cooling system is one such device that can bring huge advantages.

The chiller heating and cooling system is a device that integrates refrigeration, heating and ventilation. It can provide cooling and heating functions at the same time, and is suitable for various occasions, including commercial offices, hospitals, schools, hotels, etc.

First, the chiller heating and cooling system saves space. Traditional cooling and heating systems need to be installed separately, occupy a lot of space, and require two sets of equipment for maintenance. The chiller heating and cooling system only needs one device, which reduces the problem of occupying space. In addition, the use of pipes can be reduced, because it only needs one pipe to carry the cooling or heating air, avoiding the situation of building many pipes on the wall or on the ground.

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Secondly, the chiller heating and cooling system is easy to use. Traditional cooling and heating systems need to be switched in different seasons. And it can switch the working mode at any time, saving time and labor. When the indoor temperature is higher than the set value, it will automatically switch to cooling mode, and then automatically switch to heating mode after cooling to the set temperature, so as to maintain a constant indoor temperature.

Finally, the chiller heating and cooling system is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. When traditional air conditioning and heating systems work, they need to consume a lot of electricity or gas. The chiller heating and cooling system is controlled by an integrated system, which avoids multiple operations and repeated energy consumption, thereby reducing energy waste. In addition, the impact on air quality can be reduced, and more environmentally friendly refrigerants and filters can be used to ensure fresh indoor air.

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