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SUNDI Heater and Chiller System for Sale

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SUNDI series heater and chiller system is dedicated to constant temperature control of external loads. It adopts airtight design. At high temperature, no oil mist and pungent odor will be volatilized into the environment. At low temperature, it will not absorb impurities and moisture in the ambient air, and only the heat transfer medium participates. Circulation, the temperature of the expansion tank is always kept at a low temperature, which avoids many problems such as deterioration of the circulation medium and unfriendly environment after the air enters the circulation system.

The heater and chiller system is a technology commonly used in industrial and domestic environments. It can help us maintain a suitable temperature range to ensure human comfort and normal operation of equipment.

First of all, the basic principle of the heater and chiller system is to achieve the purpose of temperature regulation by controlling the temperature of air or objects. When the indoor temperature is too high, the refrigeration system will start to reduce the indoor temperature by absorbing heat from the air; conversely, when the indoor temperature is too low, the heating system will start to increase the indoor temperature by heating the air. At the same time, the temperature control system will automatically adjust the working state of the refrigeration or heating system according to the user’s set temperature, so that the indoor temperature is always maintained within an appropriate range.

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Second, the heater and chiller system usually consists of the following components: controllers, sensors, actuators and energy sources. Among them, the controller is responsible for receiving and processing the temperature value set by the user, and controlling the working state of the cooling or heating system according to the value; the sensor is used to monitor the indoor temperature change and transmit this information to the controller; The command of the controller controls the start and stop of the cooling or heating system; the energy source provides the electricity or other forms of energy required by the cooling or heating system.

Finally, the application scenarios of the heater and chiller system are very extensive. In the industrial field, it can be used to control the temperature and humidity in the production process to ensure the quality and stability of the product. In the medical field, the heater and chiller system can be used to maintain constant and sterile conditions in operating rooms, drug storage rooms and other environments. In the home environment, it can be used to adjust indoor temperature, humidity and air quality to improve living comfort.

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