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simultaneous heating and cooling chiller

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Simultaneous heating and cooling chiller is a high-precision thermal control equipment widely used in the fields of chemistry, biology, medicine, material science and environmental science. Based on different principles, this technology precisely controls the temperature of liquid, gas and solid samples and realizes precise temperature change programs. The development history of simultaneous heating and cooling chiller can be traced back to the 1960s, and it has become an important means of heat control in the laboratory.

The basic principle of simultaneous heating and cooling chiller is to use heat transfer components to transfer heat from the heater to the controlled object, so as to control the temperature of the controlled object. The equipment usually consists of heaters, circulating pumps, temperature sensors, controllers and data processing systems. Among them, the controller and data processing system are important parts to achieve precise control and record temperature changes.

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When using simultaneous heating and cooling chiller, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Select the appropriate temperature range and control accuracy: According to the purpose of the experiment and the characteristics of the sample, select the appropriate temperature range and control accuracy. Different types of equipment have different operating temperature ranges and control accuracy.

2. Set a reasonable heating/cooling rate: When performing a temperature change program, it is necessary to set a reasonable heating/cooling rate to avoid damage to the sample or affect the experimental results.

3. Ensure the normal operation of the circulation pump: The circulation pump is one of the key parts of the simultaneous heating and cooling chiller, and its normal operation and stability need to be guaranteed. At the same time, pay attention to the supply and replacement of coolant.

4. Make sure the sensor is accurate: the temperature sensor is one of the important components in the simultaneous heating and cooling chiller, and it needs to ensure that it reads the temperature information accurately. Sensors can be checked and calibrated periodically, depending on usage.

5. Cleaning and maintenance: After using the equipment, it should be cleaned and maintained in time to keep the equipment clean and in normal operation.

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