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Instructions for use of Refrigeration and Heating Machines

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Instructions for use of Refrigeration and Heating Machines


Refrigeration and heating machines are suitable for temperature control equipment connected to reaction devices in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, and are used for temperature rise or temperature control of reaction kettles, microreactors, etc.

First, the structure and characteristics of the refrigeration and heating machine

The cooling and heating system is a temperature control machine that can complete both heating and cooling, and is divided into a heating part and a cooling part. Using computer touch control, automatic calculation function. If there are multiple temperature control units, it can be customized according to customer needs.

Second, the operation manual of the refrigeration and heating machine

1. Regardless of whether it is air-cooled or water-cooled, the cooling and heating system must be located in an operating environment with sufficient space: the space for water cooling should be greater than 30cm, and the space for air cooling should be greater than 50cm.

2. When selecting a heat transfer medium, pay attention to whether its upper and lower temperature limits, ignition point, viscosity, freezing point, etc. meet the requirements, and whether it is suitable for the use of the internal pipeline of the instrument.

3. When selecting the heat transfer medium pipe, the length should be as short as possible, and the diameter should be as large as possible. If the diameter is too small, it may cause current limitation.

4. Do not use water as the heat transfer medium of the equipment.

5. Improper heat transfer medium will have a negative impact on the device and may cause damage to the device. Therefore, only the heat transfer medium specified by the manufacturer can be used and used within the specified pressure range. The temperature can only be controlled below the boiling point of the heat transfer medium, and the viscosity of the heat transfer medium should not be greater than 50mm²s when it operates at low temperature. When filling the heat transfer medium at room temperature, it should be poured slowly and steadily, while ensuring that no heat transfer medium overflows. Wear protective equipment such as goggles, anti-corrosion chemical gloves, etc. when filling.

6. After filling, it is necessary to reset the adjustment parameters of the refrigeration and heating machine, which is the requirement for the correct operation and use of the instrument.

7. Do not knot the heat transfer medium pipeline of the air-cooled refrigeration and heating machine.

8. Regularly check the heat transfer medium pipes of the refrigeration and heating machines to avoid material strain (such as fission).

9. Warning: In order to avoid damage to the pipeline of the instrument, please use water treatment chemicals to clean the pipeline dirt regularly when using water with high mineral content.

Our refrigeration and heating machines have a temperature range from -120°C to +350°C, are equipped with multi-function alarm systems and safety functions, and adopt a fully enclosed pipe design and high-performance plate heat exchangers to reduce heat transfer liquid requirements and improve system heat utilization. , to achieve rapid heating and cooling. In a closed system, the heat transfer medium is provided with an expansion vessel, and the heat transfer medium in the expansion vessel does not participate in the circulation.

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