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Common Sense of Operation of Low Temperature Cooler

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Common Sense of Operation of Low Temperature Cooler


The low-temperature cascade cooler is composed of five parts: compressor, condenser, evaporator, filter drier, and expansion throttle valve in series. An appropriate amount of refrigerant is injected into it, and the operation of the compressor is controlled by the electrical appliance according to the needs of the environment, and achieve the purpose of cooling or heat transfer.

1. In the actual installation process, the user should first consider its power supply. Low-temperature cascade coolers require independent power supply equipment to effectively control voltage and current. Separating the power supply can avoid various overloads and affect normal operation.

2. Maintain a clean and hygienic operating environment, which can prolong the service life of the low-temperature cascade cooler. If it is in a relatively harsh environment, the use of spare parts of the equipment will be greatly affected, especially the water-cooled equipment has higher environmental requirements.

3. Many low-temperature cascade coolers use refrigerants to reduce the ambient temperature. Refrigerant plays a vital role in reducing the temperature of the medium and improving the efficiency of the entire equipment, and it plays a vital role in meeting many special low-temperature environments.

4. A good operating environment determines the service life of the equipment. In order to maintain the stability of the equipment, it is necessary to meet its normal operation.

The above are several related contents that need to be paid attention to during the operation of the low temperature cascade cooler. Because the equipment has high requirements on the operating environment, in daily use, we must master the common sense of the use of low-temperature cascade coolers, so as to achieve the purpose of improving operating efficiency and prolonging service life, and reducing the daily maintenance funds required by enterprises .

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