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Application of Reactor Heating Circulator

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Application of Reactor Heating Circulator


The reactor heating circulator uses heat transfer medium for fluid cooling and heating dynamic temperature control. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductor and other industries to help customers complete process temperature control. Equipped with biochemical test equipment such as reaction kettle, distillation, evaporator, rotary evaporator, etc., to control the cooling and heating of heat transfer medium or reaction material.

Industrial application of reactor heating circulator:

(1) Pharmaceuticals: synthesis, hydrolysis, esterification, etherification and other processes that require temperature control. In biotechnology, temperature control plays a decisive role in both R&D quality and production results. Thermostatic control of bioreactors plays a vital role in successful production. As part of sample preparation, many production steps require reliable temperature control.

(2) Chemical industry: rectification and purification, rubber crushing, low temperature grinding, chemical synthesis. In many processes in the chemical field, temperature plays an important role in process engineering and temperature control of reactors. Chemical reactions, synthesis, production of drug bases, polymerization and crystallization are all carried out in temperature-controlled reactors.

(3) Electronics: environmental test of parts and components, simulation test of electronic components. Processes that require accurate temperature control abound in semiconductor production and testing of electronic devices. This includes the application in the coating process of producing metal organic compound chemical vapor deposition to produce LED wafers.

(4) New energy vehicles: The requirements for temperature control in the automotive industry are generally in the test bench and material testing. All automotive components are used under conditions of high temperature fluctuations.

(5) Aviation: heat sink experiment, parts environment simulation test, evaporative cooling environment simulation test. Temperature simulation and temperature testing of materials is a very important part of the aerospace field.

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