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Vacuum Degasser Chilled Water System

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Vacuum Degasser Chilled Water System

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There will inevitably be some air in the heating and cooling water circulation system, the source of which is system make-up water and pipe network leakage. This part of gas exists in three forms in the system: in the first form, the gas accumulates in the form of air masses at high points or local high points in the system, such as the top of the heat exchanger (radiator, fan coil) at the corner of the pipeline wait. In the second form, the gas circulates with the water in the system as free bubbles. In the third form, the gas dissolves in the water and moves with the water cycle. Among the above three forms of gas, the first and second are free gas, and the third is dissolved gas. The three will be continuously transformed, but when there is no change in external conditions, the existence of various forms volume will be relatively stable.


Vacuum Degasser Chilled Water System

The air in the water will have many adverse effects on the heating and cooling water circulation system. The accumulated gas will cause air resistance, resulting in unbalanced system resistance, poor system circulation, noise, and cavitation. These problems will reduce the effective lift of the pump and The operating efficiency reduces the service life of equipment and pipe network. The air bubbles attached to the surface of the heat exchanger will reduce its heat transfer efficiency. The air resistance of the system makes system debugging difficult, and manual exhaust is often required during operation. Oxygen in the system can cause oxygen corrosion of the system. Corrosion reduces the service life of the system and directly affects the safety of the entire system.

Vacuum degassing and deoxidation adopts the principle of differential pressure degassing, which can be applied to any water system. Its strong degassing ability can ensure the safe and quick removal of free gas and dissolved gas in the system, so that the system can run safely and reliably.


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