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Cannabis Extraction Chillers

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Cannabis Extraction Chillers


Fundamentals of cannabis extraction chillers

1. Extractant

The extractant used in the cannabis extraction chillers is a fluid. Fluid is a state of matter that is neither gaseous nor liquid between gas and liquid. This substance can only exist when its temperature and pressure exceed the critical point. The density of the fluid is higher, similar to that of a liquid, and its viscosity is closer to that of a gas. Therefore, it is a very ideal extractant.

2. The solvent strength of the cannabis extraction chillers fluid depends on the temperature and pressure of the extraction

Using this characteristic, only need to change the pressure and temperature of the extractant fluid, the different components in the sample can be extracted successively according to the solubility in the fluid.

(1) The weakly polar substances are extracted first under low pressure. As the pressure increases, the substances with higher polarity and large molecular weight and basic properties, so the supercritical extraction of different extraction components is carried out under the program boost pressure, and at the same time it can play a role in separation.

(2) The temperature change is reflected in the two factors that affect the density of the extractant and the vapor pressure of the solute. In the low temperature region, the temperature increases and the fluid density decreases, while the vapor pressure of the solute does not increase much. Therefore, the solubility of the extractant increases. Raising the temperature can cause the solute to precipitate from the fluid extractant. When the temperature is further raised to the high temperature zone, although the density of the extractant is further reduced, the vapor pressure of the solute increases and the volatility increases. The extraction rate will not decrease but will increase.

(3) In addition to pressure and temperature, adding a small amount of other solvents to supercritical fluid can also change its ability to dissolve solutes. Usually the amount added is not more than 10%, and most of them are polar solvents such as methanol and isopropanol. Adding a small amount of polar solvent can further expand the scope of application of supercritical extraction technology to more polar compounds.

cooling heating circulator

Features of cannabis extraction chillers:

1. The host selects brand-new imported compressors from the United States and Japan, with high temperature control accuracy, stable and reliable performance, built-in safety protection, low noise, power saving and durability.

2. The electrical parts are all brand original products to ensure the machine works stably and has a long service life.

3. Imported well-known brand water pump, large flow, high efficiency, durable.

4. Equipped with imported precision digital display temperature controller, the digital display water temperature can accurately control the water temperature ± 0.5 ℃.

5. All-stainless steel thick-plate replaceable evaporator, built-in automatic water replenishment device, easy to clean and maintain.

6. The heat dissipation and cold row of the air-cooled unit are composed of fins and copper tubes in rows.

7. Industrial and advanced heat exchanger production lines ensure high quality and high efficiency, equipped with automatic control and protection alarm devices, and fault signal output.

8. The shell is electrostatically sprayed, beautiful and elegant, and the outer panel adopts the form of quick disassembly and assembly, which is convenient for use and maintenance.

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