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How to use a 20 ton chiller to save energy and cost?

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How to use a 20 ton chiller to save energy and cost?

1. Formulation and implementation of chiller operation plan

Any industrial production, equipment, and process must follow a reasonable and thorough operation plan, including the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers. Although the water chiller has a poor appearance, it is also a precise and practical tool. Developing an operation plan is conducive to reducing power consumption, improving the overall operation status, and avoiding equipment damage.


When making a plan, it is necessary to combine actual production needs to avoid overloading the system. It is possible to add refrigeration equipment to alleviate production pressure.

Through seasonal climate, production cycle, daily on-board inspection (water, electricity, refrigerant, etc.), it is necessary to plan and implement the chiller operation plan in production, which helps to save energy in the long term. It is just like our work, with goals and plans, Will be more efficient than ordinary people.

2. Maintain your water chiller regularly

The water chiller is a mechanical device that has been operating for a long time, and it is inevitable that faults will occur. In order to avoid affecting production, regular maintenance is carried out, which is beneficial to extending the service life of the device.


Regular cleaning of pipes can reduce pipe clogging and scaling, while improving cooling efficiency. With the same electrical energy, higher cooling efficiency means less energy consumption and lower costs.

The quality of chilled water and cooling water is the focus of water treatment work, especially for water cooled chillers, which have external water towers and are prone to contact with external dust and impurities, affecting cooling water circulation and increasing energy consumption.

3. Always ensure that the voltage of your water chiller is normal

Electric energy is currently the basic energy for the operation of all water chiller equipment. The normal voltage and current is conducive to the stable operation of the water chiller.

If it is a low voltage environment, in order to ensure operational efficiency, it is bound to increase electric energy consumption;

However, excessive voltage can easily damage the electric control system circuit of the refrigerator, even if it does not cause equipment damage, it will also cause a decline in production efficiency, which is something we do not want to see.


4. Create an environment suitable for the operation of water chillers

Although a water chiller is a mechanical device, like people, it also requires a suitable working environment that can be more conducive to improving life and reducing energy consumption.

For example, an external water chiller can easily build a computer room to avoid wind and sun exposure; For example, in coastal areas, when a typhoon disaster occurs, the chiller can be shut down in advance, reducing energy consumption, and at the same time, it is more conducive to production safety.

For example, in equipment production, if there is a small temperature difference change in the process, it can be adjusted by setting the temperature of the water chiller in a timely manner to avoid causing loss of cooling capacity and energy waste.

Due to the impact of production technology and other aspects, many enterprises are prone to various environmental factors when using air-cooled water chillers, resulting in threats to the operational safety of equipment.

Enterprises can purchase and use chillers that have stable cooling performance and fully comply with national environmental protection standards, which can quickly reduce equipment energy consumption and provide conditions for improving equipment operating power.

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