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Do you need to check the 500 ton chiller before using it?

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Do you need to check the 500 ton chiller before using it?

Before starting the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers, it is necessary to check whether the compressor operates normally. Next, check whether the opening and closing conditions of each manual valve on the refrigeration system pipeline are correct.


Check whether the stop valves and equalizing valves in front of the safety valves, pressure gauges, liquid level indicators, etc. on each equipment are open. However, the charging valve, oil collector, vent valve on the vent valve, and vent valve should be closed.

Check whether the refrigerant level in devices such as fluid reservoirs is within the required range.

1. How to Keep Refrigeration Equipment in a Safe Operating Environment

The safety of the operating environment determines the specific service life of the refrigeration equipment. In order to maintain the stability of the refrigeration equipment, it is first necessary to ensure the electrical safety of the refrigeration equipment during the actual installation process. I suggest that during the installation process of the refrigeration equipment.


It is necessary to independently install a power supply for the refrigeration equipment, and effectively control the safe voltage and current to meet the purpose of normal operation of the refrigeration equipment. At the same time, providing a separate power supply can avoid various overload issues that affect the normal operation of the refrigeration equipment. Even if it is in a long-term operating state, there will be no safety issues.

2. Maintain a clean and hygienic operating environment

Maintaining a hygienic installation environment for refrigeration equipment can achieve the goal of extending the life of the refrigeration equipment. If the refrigeration equipment is located in a relatively harsh environment, it has a significant impact on the life of key components, especially for many water cooled refrigeration equipment, which has higher environmental requirements. Maintaining a clean operating environment plays a crucial role in reducing the dirt generated by the refrigeration equipment.

3. Careful maintenance is required when using Freon for cooling


Many refrigeration equipment and equipment use Freon to achieve the purpose of reducing ambient temperature. Therefore, in actual use, users can improve the cooling effect by injecting high-quality refrigerant.

4. Waterway part of water chiller

Check all water system pipelines connected to the chiller to ensure that the evaporator water circuit is connected correctly and the water flow direction is correct. Check whether the evaporator inlet and outlet pipes are properly connected, open all water valves, and start the cooling and chilled water pumps.

Flush water pipes, keep the water system clean, and check all water pipes and connections for leaks. Drain the air from the evaporator water path, which should be kept clean and free of rust. Check the resistance loss on the water side of the evaporator and check whether the water path is correct. It is necessary to ensure that the temperature sensor is connected correctly.

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