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How to Reduce Vibration and Noise of Industrial Chiller

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In the production and manufacturing activities of the company, we often encounter the situation that the noise caused by the industrial cold water machine cooling compressor exceeds all normal norms. Although according to the scientific research on the noise and vibration of the industrial cold water machine cooling compressor all over the world, the identification of noise sources, the spread of noise and vibration, the characteristics of noise and vibration There is little scientific research on noise and vibration control. At this stage, a set of detailed basic ideas and product R & D management system have not been produced. Generally, it is the root of using noise detection system software to identify vibration and noise sources, so as to adopt shock absorption and noise reduction countermeasures. The following countermeasures can also help everyone master and deal with the maintenance problems of water chiller on the whole.

1. The dynamic balance method of compressor rotor of industrial chiller is used to reduce DC vibration.

2. Calibrate the parallelism between the motor shaft of the industrial chiller and the main shaft bearing of the compressor.

3. Remove and replace the soft coupling in different ways to reduce the noise of industrial chiller.

4. Tighten parts, improve installation clearance, reduce rolling bearing vibration and reduce equipment noise.

In view of the abnormal operation noise, the key causes are the loosening of the tightening anchor bolts of the compressor, the poor alignment of the coupling between the compressor and the motor, and the poor operation of the motor rotor. According to the inspection, tighten the anchor bolts to the standard value, adjust the alignment of the coupling, remove and replace the worn parts, adjust all kinds of installation gaps within the standard value, and the operation sound of the industrial chiller is normal.

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