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How to improve the cooling effect of energy efficient chillers?

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How to improve the cooling effect of energy efficient chillers?

(1) Reasonable process design. Under the same heat load, FL +5°C ~ +35°C Water Chillers with reasonable process design can not only obtain smaller heat exchange area, but also save investment.

The unreasonable process design and the adoption of multi-process design not only increase the equipment operation cost, but also affect the heat dissipation effect due to the non-full countercurrent of hot and cold media between the plates, and are prone to channel blockage, which is not conducive to the operation of the whole machine.

(2) The cold and hot flow sections are different. At present, a lot of heat dissipation conditions are different between the hot and cold sides.

Therefore, if this method is adopted, the heat flow rate between the plates on both sides can be adjusted by adjusting the cross-sectional area of the cold and hot sides of the cooler, so as to improve the convective heat transfer coefficient of the side with small medium handling capacity, and then the heat dissipation effect of the whole machine can be improved.

In this way, the resistance in the cooler is very low, and when the resistance increases, it will not exceed the allowable resistance value of the system, so it is the most ideal solution to improve the heat transfer efficiency at present.

(3) Add a bypass pipe between the inlet and outlet of the cooler. Control the opening of the regulating valve and the amount of water entering the cooler to meet the requirements of the system on the resistance of the cooler, and mix the water flowing through the bypass pipe with the water at the outlet of the cooler to reach the water supply temperature required by the system.

This method is only a mitigation measure for increasing the heat transfer area of the cooler due to excessive resistance on the side of large processing capacity under the condition of unequal temperature difference heat transfer.

1. How to deal with cooler leakage?

1. Shutdown leakage: the main reason is that the heat exchanger starts and stops frequently, and the normal working condition can be restored.

2 Internal leakage: the main reason is the damage of the sealing gasket and the corrosion and perforation of the plate.

3 Leakage: The main reason is that the sealing gasket is misplaced, extruded, damaged, the plate is corroded, deformed, and not pressed to the specified clamping size.

4. The main reason for leakage between the blind plate and the clamping plate is that the blind plate is broken down by hard objects.

2. The pressure drop of the cooler is abnormal.

The pressure drop is greater than the design value

1 The actual flow is greater than the design value.

2 Blockage between plates.

3 Plate inlet is blocked.

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