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Why are the industrial chiller price different?

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Why are the industrial chiller price different?

Generally speaking, the price of the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers is different for different configurations and different models. It needs to be quoted according to the model selection and specific configuration.

The price of low temperature water chillers is about 1.2 million yuan per unit, and the expensive ones are several hundred thousand yuan. Different types of chillers have different prices.

1. Pay attention to the transportation and installation process after the removal of the industrial water chiller.

(1) The refrigeration equipment needs to be transported after disassembly. During transportation, the handling process should be careful to avoid damage or deformation of refrigeration equipment accessories caused by external forces. The safety of transportation determines whether the refrigeration equipment can operate normally after reinstallation.

(2) After transportation to the destination, the refrigeration equipment needs to be installed again. During installation, it is necessary to carefully install according to the specific disassembly sequence, and replace each structural position as long as it is aging. Ensure that the refrigeration equipment operates normally after installation to avoid rework.

2. Precautions for site transfer of industrial water chillers.

Before preparing to move the refrigeration equipment, the refrigeration equipment should be disassembled first. Especially for the refrigeration equipment with a long service life, the location of each interface may have corrosion and other problems, which need to be very careful and careful to avoid damage.

When disassembling the refrigeration equipment, it is difficult to avoid different degrees of damage. However, in order to avoid these damages, which will lead to the failure of normal operation after reinstalling the refrigeration equipment in the later stage, it is necessary to rely on professional personnel and professional tools to disassemble the refrigeration equipment in the places where it is difficult to disassemble.

Blind forced disassembly will only lead to serious damage to the refrigeration equipment accessories, and even cannot be installed and used again.

In the case of abnormal disassembly, the relocation costs that enterprises lose are often very high, which may result in a series of maintenance costs or direct scrapping of equipment.

In the process of moving the machine, be sure to ensure safety, because the damage of any accessories will lead to the increase of disassembly costs. In order to reduce costs, when disassembling the refrigeration equipment, we need to deal with the details carefully.

In addition, when handling and disassembling equipment, use professional tools to reduce the damage of accessories during transportation. Especially for water-cooled refrigeration equipment products, there are many external auxiliary equipment.

If any equipment fails, it will cause the refrigeration equipment to be unable to start normally in the later period, affecting the enterprise to use the refrigeration equipment again. We need to pay special attention to the transportation and installation process of the refrigeration equipment after disassembly.

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