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How to deal with the noise problem of chiller industrial?

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How to deal with the noise problem of chiller industrial?

First of all, find out the reason from the parts that are easy to check and investigate: whether the foundation screw is loose. The LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers is fixed on the ground. If the foundation bolt is loose for a long time, the industrial water chiller will become unstable and generate noise.

In this case, the foundation bolts can be replaced, and vibration reduction can be installed if conditions permit, in order to make the industrial water chiller firmly fixed on the ground.

Check whether the connecting pipe is firm. There are large and small pipes on the industrial water chiller. The connecting screw is loose and the noise will occur after operation. The treatment method is to fix the pipes and equipment.

Whether there is a problem with fan electric fan The industrial water chiller is equipped with fan electric fan, which is composed of fan cover and blades.

The blades are deformed by external force, and the noise will occur after rotation. The fan cover will also generate noise due to dust and sundries entering.

The noise can be reduced by replacing the blades and regularly sorting the sundries on the fan electric fan.

1. Install sound insulation cover device for cooling water unit

The sound insulation cover is a better method for various noises generated by the water chiller. The noise pollution of the water chiller can be effectively reduced through sound insulation and noise reduction in the acoustic enclosure. The acoustic enclosure itself is modular design, which is convenient for transportation and installation.

After the acoustic enclosure is installed on the water chiller, other devices can also be installed on it, such as ventilation, lighting, observation and operation windows, etc., It can reduce noise and noise without affecting the inspection and maintenance of the water chiller.

2. Damp the chiller equipment.

Generally, the installation position of the chiller will affect the transmission of vibration, so the vibration transmission path can be improved by moving the chiller to a place far away from the wall, and then install the shock absorber to prevent the vibration of the chiller from spreading and affecting the nearby room.

If the plant space is limited and the water chiller cannot move, it is still effective to fill the damping pad between the water chiller and the wall.

3. Other sound insulation and noise reduction measures for water chillers.

In different factories, the sound insulation and noise reduction measures of water chillers have different details.

In this case, the staff will replace the same motor with the high noise explosion-proof motor. In addition, a steel column is installed under the cover plate of each water chiller to suppress the vibration and noise of the cover plate.

If the installation position of the industrial water chiller is not leveled, it will cause the industrial water chiller to move during normal operation, and the vibration and shaking during normal operation will increase the amplitude of vibration and shaking under the displacement, resulting in a large amount of noise.

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