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What preparations should be made before the commissioning of the water cooled chiller?

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What preparations should be made before the commissioning of the water cooled chiller?

1. Because the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers is a medium and large refrigerator, it needs close cooperation in design, installation and use during commissioning. In order to ensure that the commissioning work is carried out in an orderly manner, it is necessary to form a temporary commissioning team with relevant personnel to fully command the commissioning work.

2. The commissioning personnel shall be fully familiar with the structure and performance of the unit equipment, the safety technology of the refrigerator, the methods, steps and technical requirements of the commissioning, develop a detailed and specific commissioning plan, and make the commissioning personnel of each post clear their own tasks and requirements.

3. Check whether the installation of the unit meets the technical requirements, whether the foundation of the unit meets the requirements, and whether the size, specification and material of the connecting pipeline meet the design requirements.

4. The power supply system of the unit shall be completely installed and debugged.

5. Conduct water test on the cold water and cooling water system separately to flush the dirt in the water system. The water pump should work normally and the circulating water volume should meet the requirements of the working conditions.

6. Clean the environmental site for commissioning to ensure it is clean, bright and smooth.

7. Prepare all kinds of general tools and special tools required for commissioning.

8. Prepare various pressure, temperature, flow, quality, time and other measuring instruments and meters required for commissioning.

9. Prepare necessary safety protection equipment for commissioning and operation.

During commissioning, it is necessary to ensure that the water system is within the normal range. It is not only necessary to adjust the chilled water, but also the cooling water.

During installation, it is necessary to actively clean and discharge the turbid gas in each pipe as soon as possible after the connection is completed, and carefully check whether the steering direction is within the correct range when the water pump is commissioned.

You also need to personally test whether each electric valve can be used normally. Generally, the pressure of the connecting water pipe should be less than 0.5kg.

During the commissioning of the refrigeration unit, it is necessary to check whether some power is in the normal state. The unit has different requirements for different customers in terms of design. Once the pressure is too high, an internal alarm will be triggered.

At this time, the commissioning personnel need to communicate with the relevant person in charge of the power grid. If the large miners stop operation, it will seriously affect production, so the commissioning of large industries should be carried out at night as much as possible and the power generation work should be reasonably arranged.

It should be noted that during the commissioning of the refrigeration unit, the load must not be exceeded, and the indoor and outdoor temperatures also have an impact on the operation of the equipment. Friends can see that the refrigeration unit can only carry out normal evaporation and heat absorption under the regulation of pressure difference, and its control program can also automatically start some protective measures.

Generally, the reason for the failure of the product is that the lubricating oil and refrigerant cannot be separated reasonably. When the unit operates poorly, it will encounter many bad conditions.

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