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How to Deal With the Frosting of the Chiller?

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How to Deal with the Frosting of the Chiller?


Due to the influence of the ultra-low temperature chiller and the use environment and other factors, any equipment will have frost failure during use. If the frosting problem of the low-temperature chiller is serious, the user needs to check carefully before running the equipment, find and deal with the frosting problem of various chillers in time, so as to keep the equipment running stably for a long time. When the equipment runs stably for a long time, the probability of frost failure of the low-temperature chiller will be reduced.

Many people don’t know much about how to deal with the frosting of ultra-low temperature chillers. Next, let’s learn about it with LNEYA refrigeration manufacturer!

ultra low temperature chiller - cryogenic chiller

1. If it is a chiller, please check whether the opening degree of the expansion valve is too large. It can be slightly smaller (if it is an electronic expansion valve adjustable circuit control panel).

2. If the opening of the expansion valve is too small or blocked, the liquid supply of the refrigerant will be reduced, which will cause the evaporation temperature to be low and cause frost on the evaporator fins. If the refrigerant is not fully evaporated and flows back to the return pipe and compressor to continue to evaporate, it will cause frosting of the compressor and return pipe.

3. Check whether the filter is too dirty, or the evaporator fins are too dirty, which makes the heat exchange effect poor. The refrigerant of the low-temperature chiller is not completely evaporated, and it flows back to the return pipe and the compressor to continue to evaporate and cause frosting.

4. If the operating environment of the chiller is not good, or the air is not circulating, it will also lead to poor heat dissipation and affect the frosting of the equipment.

5. Check whether the capacity of the refrigerant is within the standard range. Whether it is charged too much or too little, it will affect the normal operation of the chiller.

6. Are multiple chillers used in parallel? If there are a large number of devices turned on, check whether it is caused by the long startup time of the frosting device (the combined device has a control panel that can set the startup and shutdown time of each chiller as required).

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