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How to Choose a Suitable Lubricating Oil for the Chiller?

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How to Choose a Suitable Lubricating Oil for the Chiller?


The lubricating oil used in the chiller is refrigerating oil, because the lubricating oil directly affects the service life of the compressor, so its requirements are very strict. Different refrigerants are used, and the corresponding lubricating oils should also be different. So what should be paid attention to when choosing the lubricating oil used in the chiller? Let me take you all to find out.

1. Choose a suitable viscosity:

Different refrigerants have different requirements for viscosity, and the user should select the appropriate lubricant according to the instruction manual.

2. Select a good transparency:

The lubricating oil of good quality should be clear and transparent, colorless or yellow. If the oil of the chiller is turbid and discolored, it means that it has deteriorated and cannot be used. The lubricating oil color should be reddish when the equipment is running normally. , the oil should be tested.

3. Choose the one with low cloud point:

At low temperature, lubricating oil should have good fluidity, but will not precipitate paraffin. If the cloud point is high and paraffin is precipitated, the heat transfer effect of the shell and tube evaporator will be reduced and the refrigeration performance will be affected, so it is necessary to consider replacing the lubricating oil.

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