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Causes of Overheating Failures in Chillers and how to Avoid them

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Causes of Overheating Failures in Chillers and how to Avoid them


If the temperature of the chiller is too high, then its cooling effect will be greatly reduced, which has a great impact on the chiller, and may even lead to other more serious accidents. Therefore, in the process of using the chiller, it is necessary to monitor its operating temperature in time, especially the ambient temperature of the machine room. It is necessary to ensure that the chiller is within a safe operating temperature range to avoid overheating and affect the service life of the chiller. Even lead to the scrapping of key accessories.

The causes and solutions of the overheating failure of the chiller:

If the chiller is in an excessively worn state, it will inevitably have a higher operating temperature, or due to the unevenness between the bearing and the journal, the temperature will continue to rise due to friction during high-speed operation. . For such faults, the user needs to deal with it in a timely and effective manner to avoid the chiller being in an overheated operation state, which may lead to serious machine accidents in the chiller.

In many cases, excessive temperature often leads to higher noise of the chiller. Due to excessive wear and so on, the chiller has overheating failure, and there are often different degrees of abnormal noise. If there are various kinds of abnormal noises in the chiller, professional personnel are required to analyze the specific reasons for the abnormal noises in a timely manner. Because the operating principle of the bench-type chiller is relatively simple, it is possible to determine the specific fault in a short period of time. In order to achieve the purpose of quickly solving the fault and provide a guarantee for the smooth improvement of the operating efficiency of the chiller.

In fact, the overheating of the chiller does not only mean that the temperature of the machine room is too high, the suction and exhaust, especially the exhaust temperature, will also cause the equipment to overheat. If you want to reduce the possibility of the chiller temperature being too high, you must first start with the selection and choose the right chiller. The second is to install it well, it must be installed in accordance with the specifications, and finally it is regular inspection, maintenance, and maintenance. It is forbidden to run beyond the standard to avoid the temperature of the chiller being too high. Once the equipment is overheated, the chiller will have various problems such as a drop in cooling efficiency. Therefore, if the enterprise wants the chiller to operate stably, it must maintain it regularly, and deal with it in time after the problem is found, so as to avoid the occurrence of such problems.

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