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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Refrigerant

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Refrigerant


Chiller is a kind of refrigeration equipment that can provide constant temperature, constant current and constant pressure, and it is very common in industrial production. Different companies have different cooling temperature requirements for chillers. LNEYA equipment has an ultra-wide temperature control range from -152°C to 350°C. According to the different temperature control range of the chiller, the selected refrigerant is also different. There are many types of refrigerants, so what factors should be considered in the selection of refrigerants for chillers? Let me briefly introduce them to you.

The selection of the cooling medium of the chiller should consider the following factors:

1. Keep it in a liquid state. The refrigerant must always be in a liquid state within the working range, the freezing temperature should be lower than the working temperature, and the boiling point should be higher than the working temperature.

2. Large heat capacity. That is, the specific heat capacity of the refrigerant is large, and the heat transfer performance is good. It does not need too much flow when transferring cold energy, which can reduce the transmission power and save materials.

3. Low energy consumption during cycle operation. It is required that the refrigerant should not be too viscous, the density should be small, and the flow resistance should be reduced as much as possible, the transmission power should be reduced, and the energy consumption should be reduced.

4. Safe and reliable. The selected refrigerant should be odorless, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-explosive, with good chemical stability and safe to use.

5. Economical and practical. The refrigerant does not corrode pipelines or equipment during use, is relatively easy to obtain, and has an economical price.

The refrigerant of the chiller is an intermediate medium used to transfer cold energy in the indirect refrigeration system. The refrigerant can directly affect the cooling temperature and effect of the chiller. Therefore, the above factors should be fully considered when selecting the refrigerant. Choose the right type of refrigerant for you.

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