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How does the Chiller Avoid Chemical Corrosion?

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How does the Chiller Avoid Chemical Corrosion?


The key reason that generally affects the service life of the chiller is the natural environment, which is easy to cause serious corrosion problems in the equipment. If the application conditions are extreme, and there are many acidic chemicals, it will definitely cause the chiller to suffer from various corrosion. If the important position of the equipment is involved, the system may cause various common failures and affect the normal operation of the chiller.

Acidic chemicals are very easy to cause damage to the components of the chiller’s exterior and internal structure. Especially in a humid environment, it is more likely to cause obvious corrosion on the surface of the chiller. If the corrosion of the surface is not controlled, the scope of corrosion will continue to expand until it affects the normal operation of the equipment. In order to prevent the occurrence of corrosive common failure problems, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive cleaning of industrial chillers on time. Even in a highly acidic natural environment, as long as it is cleaned up on time, the acidic chemicals will not easily cause the industrial chiller to fail.

The way to prevent the corrosion of acidic chemicals?

1. It is particularly important to give a suitable software environment. If the chiller is in a harsh environment, it must be affected by various corrosive components. Maintaining the strong acid and strong alkali in the software environment is in line with the operating range of the machine, which can prevent various acidic chemicals from affecting the operation of the chiller.

2. If the acidity in the environment is high, the chiller must be cleaned in an all-round way on time. It can ensure that the pH standard of the shell and internal structure of the industrial chiller meets PH equal to 7, and the equipment can be maintained in a small and medium-sized use environment, and it is not easy to affect the service life of the chiller due to excessive acidity. Maintaining the acid and alkali in the natural environment is conducive to improving the operating efficiency of the system and reducing various common faults affecting the safe operation of the equipment.

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