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Use Steps of Industrial Chiller

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Use Steps of Industrial Chiller


During the use of the industrial chiller, the user must perform daily assembly, debugging and operation according to the safety operation manual provided by the manufacturer to ensure the stable performance of the refrigeration system and effectively extend the specific service life of the equipment. The purpose of chiller working efficiency.

The actual use steps of industrial chillers:

industrial chiller

First, according to the experience introduced by the refrigeration equipment manufacturer, before using the chiller, you must ensure that all routes are safe, and then turn on the switch button of the equipment. At the same time, open the exhaust valve of the air compressor. At this time, the equipment is in operation. Observe where the pointer of the valve is. If it is within the normal range, the operating requirements of the chiller can be met.

Second, turn on the electric heating button, then the indicator light will turn on. When the ambient temperature is above the normal 40°C, the heating button must be turned off. Due to the short duration of the whole heating process of the equipment, it is only necessary to wait for a few minutes before all the heating processes can be performed.

Third, start the operation button of the water pump, and then you will hear the power supply of the water pump of the equipment gradually and continuously, and then the chiller gradually uses the basic functions of the cooling tower and successfully works normally.

Fourth, after the water pump starts to work, the user must turn on the power switch of the gasoline pump, and at the same time, the position of the solenoid valve must be adjusted to the C state, and the automatic opening method can be selected to achieve safer operation.

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