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How to Install and Operate an Industrial Chiller?

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How to Install and Operate an Industrial Chiller?


1. The user must pay attention to the installation after buying the industrial chiller. Good installation can improve the performance indicators of the equipment. Before installation, it should be inspected in all directions to check whether there is any damage. Check whether the installation site is wide and appropriate, choose a suitable indoor space, and then ensure that the chiller maintains a stronger work and maintains better maintenance.

2. The temperature of the installation indoor space should be kept within 5 to 35 °C, and ensure that the surrounding environment of the industrial chiller has shielding objects, and there is sufficient natural ventilation in the indoor space to ensure normal operation and vacate a suitable space for installation. Chiller piping.

3. In the case of using industrial chillers, it is necessary to practically select the volume size of cold water or adjust the operating speed of the chiller. It has been confirmed by relevant tests that the load of the industrial chiller is about 70% under normal operation. 80%, at this time, the loss of kinetic energy function of the enterprise formed is the least.

4. After everyone has completed the operation, installation and refrigeration requirements of the industrial chiller, the volatilization temperature must be further increased to reduce the cold temperature. For example, in the case of installing industrial chillers, there must be a certain amount of industrial cooling towers, and fully consider the operating conditions of pipeline centrifugal pumps and closed cooling towers, and renovate the original closed cooling tower cycle to ensure the cooling cycle. cooling efficiency of water. All in all, it is necessary to solve the stains in the chiller pipeline on time and improve the heat exchange efficiency of the cooler and the evaporator. Under long-term operation, if the water cooling and cooling water problems in the system software cannot be reasonably solved, the cooling circulating water will cause calcium bicarbonate and calcium sulfate to deposit on the wall thickness of the pipeline, reducing the heat transfer and harming the replacement of the cooler and the evaporator. The thermal efficiency increases the functional loss of the equipment. Therefore, in the process of use, it is necessary to use technical solutions to remove stains on the water system software pipeline and closed cooling tower on time to improve the heat exchange effect.

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